26 April 2013


After the big snow storm this is what we saw as it all melted.  And it melted fast over a couple of weeks.  Unfortunately there are homes affected in places, but we are in a high area so it is never something we need to worry about.    I thank God daily for the ways he cares for us. 

01 April 2013


 We have had the most amazing winter in terms of the amount of snowfall.  Each time I think we can't get any more??? ....it's like God wants to show me he's the one in charge. I"m sure he's chuckling.
 This is a Ukrainian style teeter totter that was here when we moved in 16 years ago.  You wouldn't know what it was for all the snow.

 My clothes line in the back yard.  The stick is twice as long as you see.
Our house from the back.  I'm afraid my poor evergreens shall never stand up normally again.  I spent a lot of time indoors this winter.  That is when I wasn't involved with functions at the church or other ministry events.  This kind of weather makes me so grateful for a warm house and all the blessings God has given me.  Have you stopped to think about that?  I know in the city of Kiev, 13 kilometers away, there are people that live out on the streets.  Many dogs too.  I wonder how they make it?  I just know that I have much to be thankful for and much to praise Him for.  I hope you think about that when you next stare difficulties in the face.  I know God has a purpose in all things.  I trust in that.