29 September 2008

"No Access Countries"

Dear Ones,

This week I ask you with strong urgings to pray, to plead before the throne of our Maker that he would bless the time Jeff has with certain believers in training this week. These are people from an underground church who have come into Armenia from a nearby "no access country." It is a place where they cannot openly speak of their beliefs and Jeff cannot go in as they know who he is. Therefore, they risk coming out, meeting, being baptized and studying God's Holy Word. I also ask that you pray for two men who have been imprisoned there. One was a participant in Jeff's training. They have been sentenced to death for their faith, but the God who moves mountains can rescind that sentence if he so chooses. Whatever the outcome, may His will be done and He be glorified. We are ever grateful for your intercession.
Joyful in service,

20 September 2008

Investigatory Team

For you folks who pray I'd like to ask you to keep Jeff, Charles Speer and Mike Grover in your prayers as they spend the next few days looking to see how they might minister with Pavel Pochopsky in the Vinnitsa oblast (like a county or small state). Charles has come for many years witnessing to the policemen of the area and also to believers. A Christian and a policeman is really like an oxymoron. They just don't fit together according to most believers in Ukraine. That is because most of the militia here are corrupt. Charles has opened their eyes to new possibilities and now has believers praying for the militia, something they've not done in the past. Between now and early next week they want to see how else Charles' church might be involved. May He be honored and glorified.

17 September 2008

Pastor of Church

Pastor Peotr Danilovich Sierenko prays at the beginning of camp which was held at the Dom Evangely (House of Prayer) in the village of Gorenchi located straight west of the big city of Kiev. Please pray for this church as they struggle to finish the building of their little church.

A New Hat

This little girl was proud of her paint job on her new hat. Is she cute or what?

Crafts at Gorenchi Camp

Coleen working with some of the girls painting their hats provided by Vicki Nelson of Smile Alliance. What fun they had with the hats and some wore them all week.

Lunchtime at Gorenechi Camp

Lunchtime is almost as much fun as any other part of camp. Some come without breakfast so they really gobble it down. This was the last big fling before school started the following week on September first.

Camp Cook

We all have to eat after such hard work! She was a sweet as they come.

Gorenchi Camp, August, 2008

The Lord gave me another camp to do this summer in a small village with a small church. This church is still under construction, but all church activities go on nonetheless. Children from ages 5-12 attended and here did sports outside.

15 September 2008

The Lord's Gift

Sunset on the river of a sleepy village. We were blessed by this scene and had to stop to record it. May you be blessed as well.

Cathedral Skyline

On the road as we left our visit with the Skripnik family. This is a typical Ukrainian village home with a Orthodox church in the background at sunset

The Skripnik Family

BMA missionaries to one of Ukraine's least church populated areas. The Lord provided support to bring these missionaries on and move them to this needy area of Ukraine. They are supported by First Baptist Church of Carthage, Texas. We were able to see them at work with children and view many pictures of their camp events done this summer in their village.

Missionary Vist

Left to right: Luba (Sergei's mother), Coleen, Little Julia (a neighbor child), Jeff, Vica, Tema (4 yrs. old), Sergei and David (9 months). We had a wonderful visit along with the typical sumptuous Ukrainian dinner.


Hay has been stacked the same way for centuries here. And it keeps into the winter. Notice the tiny church in the background village.

Western Ukraine's Beauty

September is here, but we have had beautiful traveling weather through the Carpathian Mountains of western Ukraine on our way to see missionaries.