29 September 2008

"No Access Countries"

Dear Ones,

This week I ask you with strong urgings to pray, to plead before the throne of our Maker that he would bless the time Jeff has with certain believers in training this week. These are people from an underground church who have come into Armenia from a nearby "no access country." It is a place where they cannot openly speak of their beliefs and Jeff cannot go in as they know who he is. Therefore, they risk coming out, meeting, being baptized and studying God's Holy Word. I also ask that you pray for two men who have been imprisoned there. One was a participant in Jeff's training. They have been sentenced to death for their faith, but the God who moves mountains can rescind that sentence if he so chooses. Whatever the outcome, may His will be done and He be glorified. We are ever grateful for your intercession.
Joyful in service,

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