30 June 2010

Honarary Doctorate

On Saturday night Jeff and I were blessed with the honor of his being awarded an honorary doctorate for his many years of work in Armenia. It was also my first time since his work started in 1997 to visit this lovely country. He was also honored to be given the opportunity to speak to the seminary graduates and give them a charge of encouragement for their future. Jeff's was the only doctorate awarded. It was a lovely ceremony and one we will not soon forget. Our gratitude goes out to the Baptist Missionary Association of America for their part in making our work here possible. May the Lord use this for his honor and glory!

26 June 2010

God's Great Creation

Just wanted to share some of the beauty of our yard. I am a gardener, artist, wife, mother, not in that particular order and I love to share the garden with my family and friends. So, in summer we try to do some outdoor eating and entertaining. We have always felt like our home was a gift from God and thus we enjoy sharing it with others as we can. Since we've gotten older it has become more to keep up with, but we feel we are here until God tells us where else to be, so we continue to do what we can. Hope you enjoy the sights.
Here we have our American team from Antioch Baptist Church, Conway, Arkansas in church with us last Sunday. They also sang for the church. This past week they ministered in the first ever overnight camp we've done at Bethany at the Village of Hope Orphanage. Many children have been blessed. Camp pictures will follow this week.
Steven Hoffman gave a testimony that honored his father, the church and his faith. He was a blessing for all to hear.

Kyle Hoffman shared of the love he's developed for the people and children of Bucha church. He expressed gratitude for being there to serve. A joy for all to hear.

19 June 2010

Kid's Camp

I"m writing to ask you to please pray for kid's camp this next week. We will have 40 children and 20 staff in an overnight camp for 5 days at the Village of Hope (VoH) facility. This is a lovely location in the woods of Bucha with tall pine trees and large grassy meadows. Lots of room for children to run and play. Please also pray for our BMA American team from Antioch Baptist Church of Conway, Arkansas who will be ministering this week with the children.

Village of Hope

Bill Mason, along with his wife Marie, was visiting from America to encourage the church and to make more plans for further expansion on the Village of Hope Orphanage. He is a construction engineer and has been a great blessing to the church in organizing teams to come and help build the orphanage. Bill has been challenged with various physical difficulties in recent years and yet he is faithful and continues to come and devote himself to this project. The Lord in heaven will have a sparkling crown for one like him.

14 June 2010

Babushka Masha

Babushka Masha is one of the founding members of Bethany Church of Bucha. She loves everyone and everyone loves her. Those of you who have been here know her. Occasionally she graces us with a song. Is her voice beautiful? No, not in the worldly pop-culture sense. Is she always on key? No, but she sings from the heart and everyone is assured of that when she's done and blessed by it. Lord, give me a heart that sings your praises.

13 June 2010

A Rich Sunday

Top to bottom is adult choir, youth and children's choir. Jeff was just under the cross in the adult choir while I was shooting the picture. We've been having upper 80's this past week which is unseasonable hot for us in Ukraine. Since there is little air conditioning anywhere in this country we were all pretty warm this morning. Hand held fans are allowed though.

04 June 2010

We received this letter from a dear brother who has been one of our Ukrainian BMA missionaries for so many years now. As you read, please check your heart to see if there is some way you might pray or help with this families need.

My greetings to you brothers and sisters!

Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord. ( 2 Peter 1:2)

I am thankful to God that in His Son we are one big family of forgiven and redeemed people! We have become new creatures, called to save sinners... and ready to do good deeds...

Thank you brothers and sisters, that for many years you prayed for me and helped me financially. My ministry has truly been our common cause.

God called me to a ministry of helping young churches, which were located at a distance of about 100 km (62 miles) from my home.

For work like this a car is always a necessity. The car I have been using is now 20 years old, broken down and practically not subject to repair.

I am a little discouraged because it's hard to do the work of God. But I live by faith in God my Father, and I pray for him to help me with this problem. I cannot come up with this money on my own. Aside from the church there is no work available, and saving has not been a possibility since I have a large family with four children.

I am writing to you for help, and pray that God would help me to solve this need.

God bless you all,

Roman Revak