24 December 2009

Christmas Greetings

Merry Christmas to you all. My wish for you is that it would be filled with love and joy and that you would have great hope for the future. Let us remember this year the "reason for the season" that such a momentous event was marked for all of history when baby Jesus was born. Blessings to you all, Jeff, Coleen and Leah Franks

21 December 2009

New Gadget

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The Christmas Holidays Begin

These are crafts we did with the kids on Sunday. On each one we send them home with a Bible verse for witness beyond the church. Right now the kids are using their crafts to decorate the tree that we will put up today. Though you might think that is late, we are just starting our Christmas holidays since Ukraine celebrates on the old calendar. They now recognize the 25th and New Years as part of their recognition of the west, but they celebrate also on the 6th of January for Christmas and the 14th for New Years. So now you see why I say we are just getting started. We have many evangelism events planned for the upcoming holidays and it is a busy time for us here. Our first children's event will be on Saturday the 26th. Please pray that God would touch hearts.


When every young family starts out they usually take some of their childhood traditions into their families, but they also have the option of developing their own unique family traditions. One we made was that of doing a puzzle at Christmas time over the holidays when kids were off from school. As you can see above, this is serious business....one thousand pieces.

Great father/daughter project. I'm just not a puzzle person.

Though I didn't participate in any of this I was given the honor of putting in the last piece. Of course, I was around, making the trail mix and cheering them on with each new victory.

Completed. What a beaut.

20 December 2009

Brrr! Bethany Baptist Church Without Heat

In the last few days we've hit a low of -16 Celsius, which is very close to zero Fahrenheit. Am I ever glad we have a new heating system as our home would be cold inside otherwise. Naturally all of this brings to mind the situation of our church being without a heating system. They are burning wood now, but that does little more than keep the pipes from freezing and busting. We want to help with this need, but we are only one family can only do so much. Therefore I write to ask you to pray for our church. Nine thousand dollars is a large sum for a population that makes an average of $400 a month, but it is a small thing for a mighty God who can move mountains. Please pray for God's provision in this.

The Missionary At Christmas

Saturday Prayer Breakfast

There was a good group in attendance at the Saturday Prayer Breakfast led by Aleksey Pivovar. The young couple Pasha and Tanya were there to tell about their 3-month mission to Turkey with their three young children. They just returned last Wednesday. They talked about how God helped them in making friends, one of whom was their apartment manager. After a serious operation involving his abdomen he had to haul heavy bags of coal to heat their apartment building. The strain caused his incision to open. When Pasha learned of their desperation, he began hauling the bags of coal for him. That led to a fast friendship which opened the door for many opportunities to share the good news of Jesus Christ. They shared many such stories of how God led them in exciting and unique ways.

18 December 2009

Western Ukraine's Influence

Catholicism is dominate in western Ukraine. These little monuments dot the roadsides and are even in people's yards. As one pastor said, talking about his efforts to evangelize, they answer him: "We go to church on holidays, we confess sins, we ask the priest to pray for us, what more do you want?" Western Ukraine was at one time dominated by Poland out of which came strong Catholic influence. Though that was many decades in the past, that strong influence still prevails today.

13 December 2009

Below Freezing

We have finally gotten our first snow and with it very cold temperatures, -8c.(in the teens F.). This morning the car stalled not far down the road due to diesel gelling in the lines. With Jeff out of town, this was an interesting predicament, but we prayed and God helped us. Through an hour of stalling, waiting and short drives we made it the two blocks back home. Now we will try to clear the garage and get it inside.

I'm writing this so you might understand the the church is still without heat and now it is more difficult than ever. The lighthouse is cold and attendance is down. Please pray that God would raise up those who would help supply this need. If you feel led to help in any small way please send donations to our missions office with the notation "Bucha furnace." May the Lord bless.
P.O.Box 30910
Little Rock, AR. 72260

Jeff's Group

"Another good day. They were blessed and I was blessed" Jeff said. The presence of the Lord brings such things. Praise to Him. There are four of the seventeen that could qualify as seekers in this group. Pray for them. One particularly is very close.

Basic theme Jeff has been covering is "Can we trust the Bible?" First topic was how God reveals himself (revelation, inspiration and authentication). They went onto reliability of the Old and New Testaments, 5 facts for creation and 5 facts for resurrection. Wish I could have been there.

They're final day had a good finish according to Jeff. He led everyone in a prayer of repentance and believes there was salvation in all the unbelievers and strengthening in the others. It was a time of blessing all around. We are thankful for those in America who make it possible for Jeff to meet with these folks. Please continue to pray for these people and their safe return home. God knows their names.

12 December 2009

New Gadget

I placed a new gadget on here that I thought would be fun. Would you sign up as a "Follower" of our blog? You can find it on the right panel.

Cold Church

Winter has finally hit in Ukraine. We've had such mild weather for so long we were beginning to wonder. Tonight it is minus 5 celcius (23F.) That means the church will really get cold overnight and and thus be very cold tomorrow. I'm sure our attendance will be down as a result. Please pray for God's provision in a new furnace for our church. We are heating temporarily with wood, but that does little more than keep the pipes from freezing in the basement. It does not add heat to our sanctuary. This is a small project for a loving God who can move mountains and we are counting on Him to help us through this trial. May He be lifted up and glorified through it all.

11 December 2009

Turkey, continued

There are 17 people attending Jeff's class in Istanbul. They had a very good first day. Jeff mentioned that two need prayer for health as they are both dealing with flu and two are seeking and asking a lot of questions. He said he has felt more challenged by this group than any he's had previously with their questions and desire to know God. Praise Him for such hunger. Pray for Jeff that the Lord would supply all he needs to minister to their needs. And remember these people who will be with Jeff through Sunday. May the Lord keep them all safe, may the Lord give them eyes to see and ears to hear.

09 December 2009


Please pray for Jeff as he minister is Turkey this week. He flew out yesterday and will be there for one week. He is teaching on the life of Christ to people from an undisclosed place that cannot freely study or worship in their own country so they travel elsewhere. Please pray for his health and for his teaching. I say health, as we were told one was coming who had the flu. Can you even imagine being so hungry to learn about God that you would travel a long distance while sick, stay in an uncertain place, and listen to someone you've never even met? We serve a mighty God and he has a plan for even these desperate people who want to know him so much they would make great sacrifices of time and money to discover who He is. May the Lord bless these meetings.

04 December 2009

Crimea, Ukraine

Please pray for Jeff and I this weekend. On Saturday I will do a scrapbooking class on "Developing Godly Values" in the Simferopol Bible Church. Then on Sunday we will worship with and later meet with the pastor of the Nikolaevka House of Prayer (church). We hope to be an encouragement to him. Nikolaevka is where we first came to minister over 15 years ago so it is a place that is near and dear to our hearts. The church that was started back then is still meeting and they are struggling through the process of funding the building of their church home. I wrote about this last March. We will get pictures to show you it's progress.

29 November 2009

Harvest Day, Bethany Baptist Church, Bucha, Ukraine

Not long ago I shared photos of a church where our choir visited on Harvest Day. The following pictures are our own church. Harvest Day is similar to Thanksgiving in that it is a celebration of the harvest. Unlike in the west, it does not have a set day and thus different churches celebrate on different days. What they all do is set up a beautiful display of the harvest. Everyone participates in this by bringing their very largest and most beautiful fruits and vegetables. I just thought you'd like to see how lovely it is.

Adult choir on Harvest Day. Though this was a few weeks back, notice that we all have our coats on. We are still without heat in the church, but praise be to God, we have been having some unusually warm weather. It could be much more severe, but weather has been in the 40's and we are grateful. Please pray for the resolution of our lack of heating and that God would provide for a new furnace. Please also pray for the corrupt officials in our town that are wanting a large payoff(bribe)to remove a fine.

Children's choir on Harvest Day.

Pre-teen choir in Bucha Church on Harvest Day. Second from left is Leah our daughter. No, she's not a pre-teen, she's 22, but she helps with the pre-teen choir as does the girl next to her so they sing with them.

Youth girls singing on Harvest Day.

Thanksgiving, Overseas Missionary Style

Thanksgiving always brings images of family and close friends sharing all that we have to be grateful for and celebrating with a wonderful huge dinner. Though we miss having family around, nonetheless, we all come together to share that tradition that makes us fellow citizens not just of America, but of God's kingdom. Several families from around the Kiev area gathered together at Pine Branch Lodge in Kolonitsi, Ukraine, which is about and hour out in the forest. A lovely place for a gathering and the same place we held the women's conference just two weeks prior. We all had a lovely time and thankful that God gives grace when family is so far away.
Creative snacking tree done by Leah and I. You know we have to put artsy in there somewhere.

Like any real Thanksgiving dinner there was also football. We got to watch the Houston Oilers play the Buffalo Bills. Oh, you say you didn't see that game? Well it was a 1993 game downloaded from the internet. Maybe not current, but nostalgic of American Thanksgiving celebrations nonetheless.

The crowning glory was the real turkey we had to eat with stuffing and all the trimmings. Oh, and the desserts were the best of variety. But most joyful was to have the time to sit back and relax with friends, some old and some new. Cutting the turkey for us was William D.(Dai) Wysong, Kiev Christian Academy director and principal.

25 November 2009

The Amazing Journey of Faith Conference, November 2009

This month gave several of us the grand privilege of working with some 50 women who attended this conference. We had ladies from a large cross section that included Ukrainians, Americans, South Africans and Dutch. The Lord blessed and we all went away feeling refreshed and encouraged. To see more pictures that are not on this blog go to http://teaontheterrace.blogspot.com/

This sweet lady was Vicky's translator for the conference. She's the one who really tells the message.

That's me in the white working with the ladies. Our ages ranged from 18 to 73 and what fun we all had. It is such a blessing for me to encourage their natural creative urges. The Father in heaven was the ultimate Creator and he gave all of us a touch of that creativity to express in different ways.

A Hawaiian Luau was our surprise for Saturday night. This also happens to be the drama team that came from the Zhitomyr region. They did a great job with skits each day telling the story of an "amazing journey." Everyone loved it and the dinner served by Pine Branch Lodge was excellent. Pine Branch is located a couple hours northwest of Kiev and is a lovely place in the woods.

Ladies having fun scrapbooking their "Amazing Journey of Faith." This makes for a tangible testimony that they can share with friends or family. A legacy of faith.

24 November 2009

The Amazing Journey of Faith Conference

The week before this conference we thought we would have a small group, but at the last it filled up and there were more than we had room to house. Our limit of 50 filled and we had ladies in cabins and the lodge of Pine Branch Retreat. We had a great time of fellowship, crafts, and meetings. Vicky Nelson led the group in talks about the journey of faith. Tanya Sokolovski led in being women/wives of faith and I (Coleen Franks)led them in scrapbooking their journey of faith. I am the one knelt down in front. Vicky is right behind me and Tanya is to my left. More pix soon.

15 November 2009

Ukrainian Pastor Dies from Flu and Pneumonia

Please pray for Pastor Victor's widow and children in Fastiv, Ukraine. He passed away yesterday after a diagnosis of flu and pneumonia, which got out of control. His brother Stepan is deathly ill, and may follow Victor to join those awaiting in heaven. Pastor Victor was the brother of Nadia, a member of our church in Bucha. Nadia is very active in the children's EE ministry. She is in Fastiv now with her grieving relatives.

06 November 2009

Bucha Church in the Cold

Dear Friends of Bucha Church,
I'm writing this to ask you to pray for our church. We no longer have an operating heating system and thus we are worshiping in coats, gloves and scarves. Sometimes it is even colder in the church than outside. The church has been in need of a new heating system for several years, but without the funding. It is estimated that they need about $5000 to replace the current system. In addition, we have 48 old wooden windows that are in need of changing to modern energy efficient models. Those windows run $300 each. Maybe your Sunday school class would like to sponsor a window or give to the furnace need. Our furnace really is our priority as we need the heat. We have a mighty God who is capable of taking care of this need in no time with your loving prayers of petition. Please join us in calling on Him.
Jeff and Coleen Franks

04 November 2009

Communion Sunday in Ukraine

In Ukraine they celebrate communion on the first Sunday of every month. The church is always more full on that day. Sadly, some come to get their monthly fix like a good luck charm and wouldn't miss it for anything. Then they don't come the rest of the month. Several years ago when we first came to Bucha a communal cup was passed around. That tradition stopped when there was a tuberculosis epidemic in Ukraine about five or six years ago. We now have the little cups, but there are those traditionalist that still want to drink from the cup. Fortunate for them there are not many.

Bucha Church Fall Break Camp, Ukraine

Bible time and movie time.

Recharging with a bit of lunch.

This little elf is holding his CD Mini-Book the kids did with the theme "You Are Special." Each child made one.

Some of our youth leaders. Even they had a great time.

Hand painted in preparation for poster print.

First group, the big kids.

Second group, the little ones. See story just below.

03 November 2009

Bucha Camp Story

Kids were on school break last week so at the end of the week, Friday, Saturday and Sunday they did a short camp. The leaders asked me to do crafts for the camp on the theme of "You Are Special." We had 20 kids, most of which were children from our Village of Hope orphanage. Our daughter Leah, along with about 7 other young people led this camp and did a terrific job with the kids. They did sports, songs, bible lessons and crafts. We made a CD mini-book covering old CDs with pretty scrapbook papers and their individual picture plus group shots. Theme of the book was also "You are Special" with their picture right on the front. I think these little orphans went home feeling real good about themselves after three days on that theme.

18 October 2009

Harvest Day in Koresten, Ukraine

Last week I wrote about "Another Kind of Ministry" when we went as a choir to sing in a distant church. It was their 120 year anniversary as a church and it was also the holiday called "Harvest Day." That is the day when they give thanks for the year's harvest along with everything the Lord has provided. Not so different from our Thanksgiving, though they do not have a set day and thus pastors do it anytime in September or October. The decorations in the church were so marvelous I had to share them with you. A holiday service is usually a long one. We sat for over three hours and 8 preachers. Usually our services are two hours and three preachers. We had a feast of a lunch afterward in only the style that Ukrainians can do. Again, much like Thanksgiving, but with much more variety. It was not a day to be on a diet and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Crafts in the Church

This is a picture of Oxana, Liza and Leah. This was a time of our doing crafts together. I am so thankful that the Lord gives me opportunities to minister to some of the young people of our church, to be an influence of his love. These three girls are leading a pre-teen choir so they also have influence to pass on. Soon we will be meeting with these pre-teens for crafts as well. Some do not understand the value of doing crafts with kids/youth, but it is a concentrated period of time when you have the ear of these young people, you can be an example, be a friend and share God's love. I have the greatest job in the world.

17 October 2009

Jeff and Missions in Yablonka, Ukraine

Jeff was asked to be the speaker at a missions breakfast today in Yablonka. He is speaking to young people hoping to inspire them to consider missions. For many years we did not understand why God sent us to Ukraine instead of Russia for mission work, given that Jeff was trained in Russian. In more recent years we have come to see clearly the wisdom of the Lord in sending us here. Of all the former Soviet countries, Ukraine has had the most growth in churches and is the greatest sending country of missionaries of the former Soviet Union. We have been so blessed in our 15 years of living here and seeing the desire of the people to know the Lord and share his Word. We have learned much from these people and we thank the Lord for the experience.

14 October 2009

New Missionaries in Turkey

Tomorrow Jeff returns home from his visit with our new BMA missionaries, Pasha and Tanya. They have their three little boys with them ages 2-9. Tanya is homeschooling them with her Ukrainian text books while she and Pasha are getting settled and looking into language school. Please pray for their adaptation and Jeff's safe flight home.

13 October 2009

BMA Missionaries in Ukraine

These are our good friends and BMA missionaries who we invited over for breakfast not long ago. From left to right: Jeff Franks, Nick Dikterenko, his wife Lena and the short one is me, Coleen. Nick was for many years discipled by Jeff and both say they were saved under his ministry in the church. They have two daughters, one which is still in school and one which works in ministry. They are active in several surrounding areas developing ministry that they hope to make into churches. We have helped them with camp in the last two summers with a team from Antioch Baptist Church in Conway, Arkansas. Pray for this family that God would encourage and keep them in His loving grace.

11 October 2009

A Different Kind of Ministry

Today our choir is going to help celebrate the 120th anniversary of a church in the town of Korosten, which will be about an hour and a half drive west from here. Jeff and I have been singing with the adult choir for about a year now which sings in both Russian and Ukrainian languages. It is a fair size choir so sometimes we travel to other churches. We enjoy the blessing of being led by the top music director in all of Ukraine so he actually makes us sound pretty good. Jeff has prepared to preach as that is just part of bringing well-rounded ministry to another church and is expected. Afterward, churches generally give us lunch so it becomes an all day affair. We ask your prayers on our choir and for travel safety. May the Lord use us to bless others.

09 October 2009

Bucha, Ukraine Summer Camp Video

I am so excited that I just got hold of this video of our kid's camp to share with you. It was done by one of our talented church members, Edward Malashkin. I had left the church early today and then felt the urge to return so I could give out some books. It was then that I had a conversation with Edward and found out the video was on YouTube. I'm sure that was the real reason the Lord brought me back to the church. Please pray about the possibility of the church having it's own website (another topic we touched on). We are always grateful for your willingness to hold us and the church up in prayer.
Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ej3rcb71n2Q

04 October 2009

Camp in Bucha, Ukraine

I am so excited that I just got hold of this video of our kid's camp to share with you. It was done by one of our talented church members, Edward Malashkin. I had left the church early today and then felt the urge to return so I could give out some books. It was then that I had a conversation with Edward and found out the video was on YouTube. I'm sure that was the real reason the Lord brought me back to the church. Please pray about the possibility of the church having it's own website (another topic we touched on). We are always grateful for your willingness to hold us and the church up in prayer.
Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ej3rcb71n2Q

03 October 2009

Istandbul, Turkey

I haven't been able to connect with Jeff for the last couple days, but he wrote and said class was going well and that he is thankful for the prayers. Today was his last day so I haven't yet heard the outcome, though he said that yesterday's class went very well and God was blessing. Please continue to pray for Jeff's safety until he returns home on Monday. He will be home for 5 days before he leaves again.

"Angels and Demons" Illuminated

Check out this video for yourself and see the truth: http://www.worldslastchance.com/view-video/238/angels-demons-illuminated.html

01 October 2009

2008 Georgia/Russia Conflict

Russia flexing muscle over Georgia still continues with great tension as Russia has essentially taken over South Ossetia and Abhazia. It would be like Mexico coming in and occupying Texas and the southwest states and California. Yes, we would still call them American states, but you couldn't go there freely and you would be cut off from any relatives you still have there. Read what "Time" has to say on a recent article: http://www.time.com/time/world/article/0,8599,1927033,00.html

Istanbul, Turkey Mosque

Spoke to Jeff, my husband, by phone last night on Skype. For those of you who do not know what Skype is, I will say that it allows us to talk through our computers over the internet without cost. Which is great because with all the traveling he does it helps us to stay connected over the absence of sometimes weeks.

Yesterday the Bible Conference participants arrived and Jeff was able to have dinner with them. Today is the first of three days of "Worship" seminar. Please be in prayer for these people (some of whom have already been imprisoned and tortured for their faith) who are hungry for Bible teaching and cannot freely gather in their own country. Please also pray for Jeff as he leads this conference that God would give him what they most need to take back and continue to grow the underground church where they live.

27 September 2009

Underground Church

Monday Jeff leaves for a country to the south where he will meet with folks who are coming out from their country for a Bible Conference. Please pray for Jeff as he prepares to lead this group starting on Wednesday and going through the weekend. We do not mention the country or the people because there has been persecution and some of the attendees have even experienced imprisonment and torture. Please pray for the safety of all in coming, attending and then returning home. We are grateful that you lift us up before the throne of heaven. It is hard to imagine how it would be without you.

17 September 2009

Call2All, Kiev, Ukriane

Today Jeff finished an exciting conference held in Kiev. What has now become a worldwide movement was started by the late Bill Bright, past president and founder of Campus Crusade for Christ. I took the following from their website:

Call2All is a worldwide movement calling the church to a renewed, focused collaborative effort to fulfill the Great Commission.

Jesus' heart that "all be saved" still reverberates through every syllable of the Great Commission, just as it did over 2000 years ago when he spoke them on that dusty Jerusalem day to his disciples:

"...All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age." Matthew 28 v 18-20

Call2All is about all nations, all spheres of society and every unreached person everywhere in the world. It is a strategy-centered, action-oriented movement focusing on where the Church is NOT, rather than where it is. It's purpose is not to replace existing ministry but to network, train and focus the body of Christ to fulfill the Great Commission.

This has been an event for Kiev. We shall see what the Lord does with it. Jeff already has come home with a new spirit of enthusiasm.

11 September 2009

"Creative-Access" Country

The tickets are bought and we have Ukrainians Pasha and Tanya getting ready, with their three boys (ages 2 to 9), to move to another country to live for at least the next three months. I say three months as they are going on a tourist visa and may be able to do a two month extention, but then will have to leave for three months before returning again. Tanya has been diligently studying the language and they will continue there. Please keep them in your prayers as they leave September 19th and there will be many adjustments to adapt to this foreign culture.

09 September 2009

River Baptism in Armenia

As you arise this morning, if you are reading this, then please pray for the baptism that is going on now in Armenia. Three people who became believers about three years ago have asked to be baptized. This is a special joy for Jeff to be a part of their immersion in a river outside of Yerevan.

08 September 2009

Yerevan, Armenia Second Day of Seminar

Again, a great second day. I woke up barely rested, nursing my developing cold. No voice at all. Still, I knew the Lord would not be limited by my weaknesses! When I arrived at our location, I walked in the room, and found strength, spirit, joy in fellowship, and taught (conversationally/inductively) all day.

I am so grateful, but all that's just peanuts. God is revealing himself! It is awesome and I just don't have the words to express how glorious it is to gather with people who have a hunger to know and serve Jesus. Amazing! What a joy and what a privilege!

Now I'm back at the hotel, exhausted but happy, nursing my sore throat and getting ready to hit the sack. Tomorrow is culmination. After lunch I have the privilege of baptizing 3 believers, all saved about two years ago. For this we are driving out to a special location on a river. After the baptism we will have a time of worship together before we part.

This is a letter I received from Jeff. Please continue to hold him and the group up before the throne for the last day, tomorrow. Then, the following day, on Thursday he will fly back to Kiev where I will meet him and bring him home.

Yerevan, Armenia

There were 21 attendees from a "no-access" country for the first day Bible seminar on Monday. Jeff said it was a wonderful time for all filled with much praise. There are new people who have come to be baptized which is always a special joy for Jeff to be able to do. Please pray for them, but also for Jeff who came down with a sinus infection over the weekend. He sounded pretty bad last night, but he still will do the seminar, of course, so please pray for his health. May these dear souls grow rich from the feeding they will have over 'the next few days.

04 September 2009

Letter from Jeff

Thanks so much for praying. We enjoyed very exciting times as we discussed praise and worship of the Lord with the Armenian brothers. I just love being with them. They also expressed some sadness on completing the training.

I am feeling very confronted and needing prayer for the 21 friends(from a "no-access country")arriving Sunday. Our 3-day conference starts Monday morning. Some are seekers, others new believers needing pure milk, others meat. Only God can meet these needs, but I tremble before him for the sacred trust of teaching. Please ask your church families to remember their needs and mine before the Father. I know you will and so thanks in advance.

02 September 2009

Evening in Yerevan, Armenia

Though the scene is lovely, Armenia is a very poor country. Jeff has the privilege to train pastors and missionaries there who are starting new churches in the capitol city of Yerevan. Please hold them all up in prayer this week that the material Jeff will give them will not only be accepted, but put to use for bringing many souls into the kingdom.

29 August 2009


Today I am thankful for the life God has given me and my family. It is something, in my wildest dreams, I never would have imagined. Part of that is because, though we went to church some, I was not raised in a Christian family. My salvation came after knowing my husband, Jeff. For that I am ever grateful that God has made me one of his children and for my husband who gently brought me along and relentlessly prayed for me.

Today Jeff leaves for two weeks in Armenia where he will have a Y-10 (Yerevan 10) conference with 10 Armenian pastors from the capitol of Yerevan who want to start 10 new churches. The following week he will conduct a Bible conference with 16 believers and some new prospects from Iran. Jeff teaches them to study the Bible by the inductive method so they are more equipped to go home and study on their own. Please pray for these two events and for Jeff as he leads them.

In the meantime, Leah and I will be here at the house. Though I miss Jeff when he leaves for these periods, it is a time that I will spend in preparing for the start of our Sunday school year in mid-September. These are not usually difficult times as we have become accustomed to this life and I am thanful for it. There is much I could say about how I am thankful, but let it suffice that God is good and we are happy.

27 August 2009

Youth Girls Sing

It was as if someone had opened the window and in flew angels to sing to us. The piano is being played by the pastor's wife, Luba, who also directs these girls. She is a real blessing for the church.

Baptizing in Bucha

These are the people recently baptized in our church. It is the tradition that they are baptized in the lake or river in Ukraine. Then everyone returns to the churh where the new people get to take their first communion. After a joyful service we all have lunch to further celebrate and all the new people are given flowers and a Bible.

Elders of the church praying for the people who were baptized on this day.