27 June 2013


This picture was taken over the weekend in Kiev, overlooking the Dneiper River and the city in the background.  The camp team is now with a bunch of campers in southern Ukraine.  L-R, Addison Williams, Shawn Hammontree and Justin Berg.

Rebecca Haley is so excited as are all the camp participants.

Dan and Cindy Williams of Conway, Arkansas have been doing these camps for years.  They are the team leaders.

They were blessed to do a little touring yesterday.  Crimea has some old ruins from centuries passed.

Addison, the youngest in the group admiring the ruins.  Please pray for all these people and  more importantly for the Ukrainians attending who do not know God.  Your prayers would be coveted.

23 June 2013


"Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord." Psalm 31:24

It takes courage to be different.  Following Jesus is being different from the world.  It takes courage.  It is not the wide path, but the narrow.  Trusting in Him will strengthen you.

22 June 2013


See what Kathi Yeager has to say about it ~

21 June 2013


Kiev, the capitol of Ukraine is truly a study in contrasts.  It is an old city breaking out of the mold of it's ancient past.  We live outside the city about half an hour.  I think you'll enjoy these views.  A well-done video.

18 June 2013


I must admit, I'm biased.  This is my favorite group.  I love these little ones.
The oldest group really enjoyed doing these boxes.

This is Vlad.  A bit shy, but he let me take his picture anyway.

The teachers are Natasha(sitting) and Masha. That little doll on the front is Vica.

The scrapbook paper, the flowers, buttons and ephemera were all sent from the states. So grateful.

The round disks are CDs that are covered in scrapbook paper joined with a jump ring to make a mini-album.  Each day we will post the verse of the day in the their mini-album along with pictures and lovely ephemera sent by many from the U.S. and elsewhere.  The star boxes and beads for the necklaces were also sent from the U.S.  I so appreciate those of you who have contributed to making our kid's camp experience a real success.  These are pictures from our first two days.  Check my other blog for more pictures: www.vintageterrace2.blogspot.com or just click on the link on the right of this page.  And we'd be so happy if you "followed on our blogs.

15 June 2013


By Jeff Franks

Last month a tornado tore a path of destruction through the town of Moore, Oklahoma,

killing adults and children and countless homes.  In the middle of a mile-wide path of

destruction stood the buildings of Southgate Baptist Church, our home church, covered

in mud, but unharmed, except for a small piece of lumber stuck horizontally into the

front wall above the front doors.  Amazingly it had a cross piece and reminded us

therefore of the cross!

When atheists and others cry out, "Now where was your God?"  We can point to that

cross.  But where do we point when believers who lost their homes and loved ones cry

out, "My God, where were you?"

If "believing" America would only turn to the Bible they would stop calling these tornadoes

and hurricanes "acts of God".  Most scholars say the book of Job was the first scripture

given by God to mankind.  What! The first chapter given by God to man tells us that a

strong wind under Satan's control blew down a building which collapsed on a dear

believer's young loved ones, killing them all?  That's right. The next time the "Prince of

the power of the air" releases chaotic fury on the unsuspecting, try to find one person

who knows this truth from God's Word.  "Act of God" my foot!

08 June 2013


No, we are not looking for a new car.  In April we were in the U.S. for our oldest daughter's graduation from college and to meet the newest member of the family, our grandson from our youngest of two daughters.  I couldn't help but take this photo of a corner car lot.  I'm so glad my two girls are living in a state (Arkansas) and town that honors God.  I thought how few places would you see anything like this.  If I do ever need a car stateside I do believe I would certainly come check out this location on Oak Street in Conway.  Way-ta-go, Arkansas.

04 June 2013


 Last Sunday was the ending session of our Sunday school season.  The excitement of the kids was palpable as they anticipated the fun.
 Such a coquettish age.  Aren't they cute.  I couldn't resist showing you.
 And as you can see, we have very little ones too.   And sometimes tears....over a balloon.
 Each child got a gift bag of toys and Christian books.
 Cousins investigating what they each got.  This is Matthew, Dasha and Angelina.  I love doing crafts with all the kids, but this is my favorite group.
 Ending prayers and group picture below.  Please be in prayer for our upcoming kid's camp that will be held the 17th of June.  I'm already preparing crafts.  We shall do mini-albums with old CD disks as the base plus a variety of other crafts, one of which are decorating miniature gourds sent by friends in the U.S.  Thanks to those who send things.  I love doing crafts with the kids.  And they call this a job?

03 June 2013


I had the recent joy of leading these lovely ladies in doing cards at their weekend camp.Oxana, front row left led the ladies.  I'm in the blue next to her.
 They did such pretty cards   Everyone needs cards so this is a most appropriate craft.

 Husband and wife team, Vitaly and Larissa kept everyone well fed for the weekend. What a blessing they are to all.
Oxana spoke on the top of dealing with offenses.  A good topic for everyone.  I'm grateful to those of you who send materials.  I couldn't do it without you since I bring everything to these events.