15 June 2013


By Jeff Franks

Last month a tornado tore a path of destruction through the town of Moore, Oklahoma,

killing adults and children and countless homes.  In the middle of a mile-wide path of

destruction stood the buildings of Southgate Baptist Church, our home church, covered

in mud, but unharmed, except for a small piece of lumber stuck horizontally into the

front wall above the front doors.  Amazingly it had a cross piece and reminded us

therefore of the cross!

When atheists and others cry out, "Now where was your God?"  We can point to that

cross.  But where do we point when believers who lost their homes and loved ones cry

out, "My God, where were you?"

If "believing" America would only turn to the Bible they would stop calling these tornadoes

and hurricanes "acts of God".  Most scholars say the book of Job was the first scripture

given by God to mankind.  What! The first chapter given by God to man tells us that a

strong wind under Satan's control blew down a building which collapsed on a dear

believer's young loved ones, killing them all?  That's right. The next time the "Prince of

the power of the air" releases chaotic fury on the unsuspecting, try to find one person

who knows this truth from God's Word.  "Act of God" my foot!

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