23 July 2013


 This was the final session of English Camp on Sunday evening in Bucha, Ukraine where parents were invited to see what their children had learned.
 These were the teachers, along with some Ukrainians.  This team came from Texas led by Amy Pannel on the left front row.
 The children did a great job performing their new English songs they learned for their parents.
Jeff Franks and Alexander (Sasha) Kulbich announce the follow up English Club that will be held every Friday afternoon for the summer.

These are two of the three groups receiving their English school certificates.  They were happy.  Please join us in praying for these kids and pray for us as we minister to them.

11 July 2013


Lots of games, songs and fun at English camp at Bethany Church in Bucha, Ukraine.  We are having a morning session for the little ones and afternoon session for the youth.    We will go through Saturday and the kids will perform a special show for their parents on Sunday afternoon.  Please be in earnest prayer for all of these activities.

10 July 2013


The United States of America is facing unprecedented crises along many fault lines. 

Economically we are facing the largest national debt in human history.  Politicians on

the left downplay it and those on the right speak words of warning as though pretending

that meaningful action is still possible.  Many Bible scholars however categorize our

debt as already "runaway", beyond our ability to address.  That does not mean God has

judged America, but who can deny the "handwriting on the wall?" 

Politically we have become a surveillance state, wherein every keystroke and every

phone call is being recorded in a huge data base.  Only a small minority of citizens are

unwilling to trade privacy for security, but of these only a tiny percentage have found a

way to live "off the grid", so to speak.  Anyone living in this manner is seen as a wildeyed fringe
fanatic, going without the ability to use internet and cell phones to stay in

contact with friends and family: virtual hermits who are even more vulnerable than they

can hope to realize, unwilling to see the "handwriting".

Internationally, we are mired in foreign wars, for which we are unable to pay.  Though

our actions be right, we are unable to control Islamic hatred which stems from spiritual

darkness rooted in cultures which have no tradition of critical thought.  As a nation our

vast military complex is helpless to effect real change politically, economically, or

socially among these cultures.  All we can do is keep our finger in the dam against

certain hostile groups, such as the Taliban, who are striving in every possible way to

gather momentum.  We applaud our brave service members, but ignore the


Morally, we are divided over issues of homosexuality, abortion, and immigration, which

issues are reflected daily in the political realm.  Because of our history of abortion,

approved at the national level and funded by taxes, many believe that judgment is


God has been allowing unprecedented natural disasters to warn Americans to return to

him in heartfelt repentance.  Every fire out of control, every hurricane, every earthquake,

every tornado comprises a "handwriting" that we should be able to read, not of

impending doom and disaster, but of a loving God who is calling us back to himself

before it is indeed too late.