29 September 2011


This is one of the ways I worship. He was a favorite of a cyber friend, Lindy in Indiana. That's how I found him and I'm so glad. You can find his music on YouTube. Wonderful! Thanks Lindy. Hope you like it.


Last night I couldn't talk to Jeff through Skype because there was no electricity where he was (message via sms). And today no response to my sms so probably his phone is dead. He did manage to send me a note last night to let you all know that the total number seen for this mission was 307 people. Of that number 77 prayed to receive Christ. Were that many saved? God knows the answer to that, but Jeff is just doing what we was assigned. Witness to everyone he could. Praise God for the harvest.

Today the team will tour a bit and everyone will leave for home tomorrow. Please pray for their safe travel. They are now back in Tblisi, the capital. And I thank you for your faithfulness in holding them up before the throne. Jeff says he can feel those prayers.


Found this on my sister-in-law's Facebook page and thought I'd share with you. We were homeschoolers BEFORE we came on the mission field. While here and in the states, we had support groups of other families. Plenty of socialization. Enjoy! It's funny.

27 September 2011


I was only able to speak to Jeff for a few minutes last night. It was late and he's very sick (prayers, please). They saw 75 folks yesterday and 10 prayed a prayer of repentance. Please continue your prayers for today being the last day of mission. Then for Friday please pray for their safe return to respective homes. Thanks, you are a blessing to me. Leave a comment below and let me know you are there. Coleen

25 September 2011


Greetings from Kazreti, Georgia, where we are doing a medical mission with BMMI. Coleen and I do know that you pray for us, and this is never more appreciated than when I am far away from our home in Ukraine, and she remains there alone. After the first day of our clinic we have seen almost 50 patients and I have had the pleasure of leading 10 of them to accept Jesus Christ! Please continue praying for the next three days in the Georgian towns of Kazreti, Bolonisi, and Demonisi. God is greatly at work in the hearts of the beautiful Georgian people.
We really had a full day, with our morning services in Bolonisi and afternoon services in Kazreti. We enjoyed good fellowship with all the brothers and sisters of both churches. They were all full of smiles and Georgian warmth. Everywhere were ripened grapes hanging from trellises and fences. Between services we visited church members and their families who needed medical attention. After our last medical reception we went to Bro. Vepkho's place and enjoyed fellowship with his family. It was touching.


Do our worries and concerns really amount to that much?


This week my husband Jeff is in the country of Georgia along with a medical team of four from America. Saturday was their first mission day and he was able to speak to 16 people about Christ. Praise God for his work in their hearts as 10 of them prayed to receive Christ. Please keep the team in your prayers this week and all those whom they will come in contact. Pray for God's working this week.

Today Sunday they will be worshipping with the Georgians.

15 September 2011

I saw Veronica last week at the rehab hospital where she's been getting therapy after laying in a bed all summer long. Unfortunately, for lack of funds, that has come to a halt. She broke her elbow and severed her spine last May 1st. The elbow is healed and the spine is slowly healing. Many doctors stated she would probably never walk again. I have attached a photo that was taken by me at the rehab hospital last week. She can now get herself in and out of a wheel chair and wheel herself around. That is so much better than all summer in bed. While we were there, as you see in the picture, the therapist had her standing. She has not yet taken a step and and is a long way from that. If you look closely at the photo you will see she is hardly standing on her own volition, but is propped by ropes and slings to hold her in place. Nonetheless, she is standing and for that we now have renewed hope. No doubt the prayers of many have been heard by a loving God. Please share this picture with others and continue to pray.

Jeff is in the background on this shot talking to Veronica's grandmother who is her primary care giver since her mother works.

This is the young therapist who was working with Veronica for the last month until this past week.

Please also be in prayer for Veronica's mother. She is not a believer and is so distraught over the situation and without hope that she told Veronica "it would have been better if she had died." We were shocked to hear her tell us the same thing one day when we drove her home from the city. That is when we later understood she said the same to her daughter, to her face. So sad, but fortunately she is being cared for by her grandmother who is a believer.


We all have problems in this life, yet we walk around like everything is fine and we look like our life is all put together. The fact is, behind that mask often is great hurt, some tragic event or some challenge we think will engulf us. So, I've left here a link for you to read. It's not long, but will take you a few minutes. Believe me, it is worth the time: http://bravegirlsclub.com/archives/5832

Go there, you'll be glad you did and you'll look at people differently.

Blessings, Coleen