15 September 2011

I saw Veronica last week at the rehab hospital where she's been getting therapy after laying in a bed all summer long. Unfortunately, for lack of funds, that has come to a halt. She broke her elbow and severed her spine last May 1st. The elbow is healed and the spine is slowly healing. Many doctors stated she would probably never walk again. I have attached a photo that was taken by me at the rehab hospital last week. She can now get herself in and out of a wheel chair and wheel herself around. That is so much better than all summer in bed. While we were there, as you see in the picture, the therapist had her standing. She has not yet taken a step and and is a long way from that. If you look closely at the photo you will see she is hardly standing on her own volition, but is propped by ropes and slings to hold her in place. Nonetheless, she is standing and for that we now have renewed hope. No doubt the prayers of many have been heard by a loving God. Please share this picture with others and continue to pray.

Jeff is in the background on this shot talking to Veronica's grandmother who is her primary care giver since her mother works.

This is the young therapist who was working with Veronica for the last month until this past week.

Please also be in prayer for Veronica's mother. She is not a believer and is so distraught over the situation and without hope that she told Veronica "it would have been better if she had died." We were shocked to hear her tell us the same thing one day when we drove her home from the city. That is when we later understood she said the same to her daughter, to her face. So sad, but fortunately she is being cared for by her grandmother who is a believer.

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  1. How could one look at the life and spunk in her facial expression and even think such a thing. Praying for Veronica, and her mother, especially.


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