27 July 2010

Jaime Jorge in Ukraine

This is the third year virtuoso violinist Jaime Jorge has toured in parts of Ukraine. Jaime was born and raised in Cuba, but now is an American citizen. In his ministry he travels all over the world playing concerts and sharing about his love of God.

The tour this year is in the Crimea region of Ukraine. He has already played two concerts in which he was very well received in Kherson and Simferopol. He is always such an encouragement to anyone who plays an instrument. Many students come up to him after each concert and share their stories.

My husband, Jeff Franks is taking Jaime around on this tour and translating into the Russian language for him. They will be in a different city in concert each night this week through Sunday evening. Please be in prayer for both these men that God would use them in a mighty way to further his kingdom.

26 July 2010

Flight Cancelled

As you read this, please pray for a flight for Dan and Cindy Williams who just spent a week camping in 90's(35+) weather. Which means they were very tired to begin wiht. Their flight was cancelled so they are stuck standing in line with some 200 other people waiting to be rerouted. They will be standing there all day and probably have to overnight before they can get out again. We know the Lord has a plan, but please pray for their strength.

20 July 2010

Vollyball at the River Camp

Igor sending it off.
Vollyball is just one of many activities going on this week at Belichi Baptist Church River Camp. Please pray for all there that lives would be changed.
Cindy Williams from Antioch Baptist Church in Conway, Arkansas on left along with Natasha and Julia.
Dan Williams from Antioch B.C.

11 July 2010

What More Need Be Said!

Consider the lilies, how they grow: they toil not, neither do they spin; yet I say unto you, Even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. Luke 12:27

08 July 2010

Camp in Ukraine

This is last years group. On the 19th we will start another 5 day camp on the river. Please be in prayer for the new group that will come, for the Americans, Dan and Cindy Williams from Antioch Baptist Church of Conway, Arkansas and for us as we all have our small parts to play in contributing to the families that will attend. Pray that God's Word would take purchase in their lives.

07 July 2010

Blog Article Written on Us

Cindy Adkins featured an article on the work we do here in Ukraine and beyond. She has a lovely blog entitled "I Owe It All To Him." You can find it here: http://ioweitalltohim.blogspot.com/. Thank you Cindy for spreading the word and for the lovely job you are doing on your blog. May all honor and glory go to Him.