27 July 2010

Jaime Jorge in Ukraine

This is the third year virtuoso violinist Jaime Jorge has toured in parts of Ukraine. Jaime was born and raised in Cuba, but now is an American citizen. In his ministry he travels all over the world playing concerts and sharing about his love of God.

The tour this year is in the Crimea region of Ukraine. He has already played two concerts in which he was very well received in Kherson and Simferopol. He is always such an encouragement to anyone who plays an instrument. Many students come up to him after each concert and share their stories.

My husband, Jeff Franks is taking Jaime around on this tour and translating into the Russian language for him. They will be in a different city in concert each night this week through Sunday evening. Please be in prayer for both these men that God would use them in a mighty way to further his kingdom.


  1. What an interesting ministry this man has! It is wonderful how God can use any gift. I read a bit about you guys. We used to live in Ok. for a few years. My oldest son was born there in l980! We left OK when he was almost 2 because of the down turn in the oil industry at that time. We have lived in SC ever since that time. Russian must be a difficult language (but then language is difficult for me! even English, ha!). You commented on my blog about the red door---I am wondering if it would mean anything in the Ukraine.

  2. It sounds like the tour will be so much fun- can't wait to read more blogs about it.

    By the way this is Anne aka missanne from the 'I'm a Blogger, follow me' swap on swap-bot. Great to be following you!

  3. Ladies, you can learn more about Jaime by going to his website: jaimejorge.com
    He travels all over the world.


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