29 October 2008

Church in the Pines, Bethany Baptist Church of Bucha

The Joy of Creating - Bethany Church of Bucha, Ukraine

Youth Craft Class-Pride of Accomplishment

27 October 2008

Dangers of Kiev Update

There were three children from our church hit by a taxi driver last Sunday the 19th in the captiol city of Kiev (Kyiv, new spelling adopted by the country)while out on an excursion. Vica, the least hurt was held for observation for a almost a week and released on Friday or Saturday. Sasha is still in the hospital and will be immobilized for some time with two compound breaks. Praise the Lord he is healing. Andre is still in a coma, but he is starting to move his arms, legs and eyelids. He has a blood clot in his brain that has to pass before he can come to consciousness. He has been thrashing so he's tied down, but he is being fed by his mother. Pray for Andre's older brother Sergai who is accusing the church of wrongdoing and is very upset. We are grateful for your prayers for all these families that have been hurt by this tragedy. If you would like to contribute to hospital bills for the two boys please send contributions to Baptist Missionary Assn., P.O. Box 30910, Little Rock, Arkansas 72260. Make a note on your check to specify either Andre, Sasha, or just Auto Accident so we will get it to the right place.

Imprisoned for Faith Update

Recent report has that now five of Jeff's former Bible seminar attendees have been imprisoned for their faith in one of the "no-access" countries. Please pray for these people. It seems hard for us to grasp that this still goes on in our world, but these people are being beaten and tortured. They need your prayers.

24 October 2008

Wedding Ministry

Last Saturday I got to help decorate for a wedding in the church. This family had little means for decorating and all such expenses, but I have gathered by God's grace and the help of friends, a number of things that can be used for just this occasion. Some time back we made vases using glass bottles and wrapping them in lacy fabric with strings of ribbon and white beads dangling from the necks. I had some cream colored roses sent to me that we used and I found some lovely white flowers that we did in the rest. These vases the ladies made in the church some time ago and we've used them for weddings and baby showers, which are held in the church as well.

Now last Saturday I got to do something I've wanted to do for some time. I made the brides "sign-in" book for guests. It was fun to decorate with lovely embellishments sent by you. This weekend I get to repeat all of this for another wedding. I look forward to each book as it is such a fun creative experience. Thanks to all who send items that allow me to do this. May the Lord bless you abundantly for your sacrifice.

23 October 2008

Dangers of Kiev

On Sunday a class of 11 year olds went into Kiev (Ukrainian capitol)for an excursion accompanied by their Sunday school teacher Vanya. I have few details, but three of the children darted across and were hit by a taxi cab. They were not in a crosswalk and were trying to beat the traffic. Vica went home with a concussion and bruised head. Sasha has neck and spine injuries with a compound fracture to his leg and possibly other limb breaks. He is in a cast and immobilized, but will recover. Andre is in a coma and the doctors give little hope for his recovery. He is critical and they have said only a miracle from God will save him. Worse than all of that is that there are two doctors treating him arguing over what kind of treatment he needs which has been very devastating to the family. One says he needs to be treated with a special machine (I'm sorry I have no details here) while the other says absolutely not.

Please also pray for Vanya who took the children. You can just imagine what he must be going through since he was the responsible party and yet, 11 year olds are not so easy to control. If ever there was a time to pray, this is certainly a need. This helps you to understand why so often we ask people to pray for our safety. The licensing process here is so costly and complex that most people pay $400 to buy their license and then go learn behind the wheel. It is truly a dangerous place.

18 October 2008

Tallinn, Estonia Last Installment

Jeff and Justin returned home yesterday and all is well. Justin is excited about Estonia and is already learning the language on his own. Jeff said it is evident that God is in this move. Thank you for your prayers. Coleen

12 October 2008

Exploratory Trip, Tallinn, Estonia

The following several pictures were taken over the weekend. This trip is for Jeff and Justin to explore the Lord's will for ministry in this country. Justin and Crystal have had a burden for Estonia. Please be in prayer for their time there. You can find out more about the Owens at the following blog sites:

Tallinn, Estonia

Here's the reason Jeff is in Estonia. Justin Owens is a missionary currently in language school in Kiev, Ukraine. Pray for his family in his absence as Crystal is home with two little ones and she does not drive here so she is pretty home bound. J&J will return on Friday.

Tallinn, Estonia

A very tall church steeple. I wonder what the spiritual climate is there. I'm sure Jeff and Justin will come home with a feel for that. The very old.....

Tallinn, Estonia

And the new and modern.

Exploratory Trip, Tallinn, Estonia

More Old Town in Tallinn. I can see painting this place or at least drawing. Certainly a taste of old Europe.

06 October 2008

Imprisoned for Faith

Since Jeff has returned from Armenia he brought back the news that now five have been imprisoned for their faith and three more are being questioned. These are all people with whom Jeff has a teaching relationship. Dear People, this is a time for us to pray, not just for these Christians, but for the leaders of their country. To pray that their eyes would be opened and this persecution would end. The world turns a blind eye to what these regimes are doing, therefore, we must all the more be diligent to lift them before the throne of heaven.

03 October 2008

God Answers Prayer

Thank you for your prayers on behalf of Jeff and the believers who gathered in Armenia. There were 21 with Jeff and a small child, the biggest group he's had yet. This is a new group from the folks he's been meeting with for a few years and they all want to come back again. For some of these people this was their first time to fellowship with other believers. For others it was the first time they'd ever heard God's word. Jeff said the fellowship was so sweet and God's presence was felt by all. Jeff relayed all this over the phone to me with such joy for the time he had with them and how God worked in the group. No doubt your prayers were what carried the seminar.

I share with you something that was such an encouragement to me the first time I read it:
Our prayers may be awkward. Our attempts may be feeble. But since the power of prayer is in the One who hears it and not in the one who says it,our prayers do make a difference.
Max Lucado