24 October 2008

Wedding Ministry

Last Saturday I got to help decorate for a wedding in the church. This family had little means for decorating and all such expenses, but I have gathered by God's grace and the help of friends, a number of things that can be used for just this occasion. Some time back we made vases using glass bottles and wrapping them in lacy fabric with strings of ribbon and white beads dangling from the necks. I had some cream colored roses sent to me that we used and I found some lovely white flowers that we did in the rest. These vases the ladies made in the church some time ago and we've used them for weddings and baby showers, which are held in the church as well.

Now last Saturday I got to do something I've wanted to do for some time. I made the brides "sign-in" book for guests. It was fun to decorate with lovely embellishments sent by you. This weekend I get to repeat all of this for another wedding. I look forward to each book as it is such a fun creative experience. Thanks to all who send items that allow me to do this. May the Lord bless you abundantly for your sacrifice.

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