23 October 2008

Dangers of Kiev

On Sunday a class of 11 year olds went into Kiev (Ukrainian capitol)for an excursion accompanied by their Sunday school teacher Vanya. I have few details, but three of the children darted across and were hit by a taxi cab. They were not in a crosswalk and were trying to beat the traffic. Vica went home with a concussion and bruised head. Sasha has neck and spine injuries with a compound fracture to his leg and possibly other limb breaks. He is in a cast and immobilized, but will recover. Andre is in a coma and the doctors give little hope for his recovery. He is critical and they have said only a miracle from God will save him. Worse than all of that is that there are two doctors treating him arguing over what kind of treatment he needs which has been very devastating to the family. One says he needs to be treated with a special machine (I'm sorry I have no details here) while the other says absolutely not.

Please also pray for Vanya who took the children. You can just imagine what he must be going through since he was the responsible party and yet, 11 year olds are not so easy to control. If ever there was a time to pray, this is certainly a need. This helps you to understand why so often we ask people to pray for our safety. The licensing process here is so costly and complex that most people pay $400 to buy their license and then go learn behind the wheel. It is truly a dangerous place.

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