30 October 2010

Ukrainian Culture

This lovely gate was taken at sunset. I don't know who owns it and I was hoping they wouldn't see me photographing in front of their home. It brings up an interesting aspect of Ukrainian culture. In American we have fences around the back to keep the dog in or the neighbor dogs out. Here 99% of all homes are fenced around the front as well. And usually behind that fence is a big mean dog. At the gate is usually a door bell since you wouldn't want to go meet the dog. It is how people keep their homes secure. And, since you were wondering, yes, we have a fence around the front of our home too. It was there when we bought it and we have the big mean dog as well. Just fitting into the culture.

19 October 2010

Harvest Day, Bethany Church, Bucha Ukraine

Harvest Day took place at the end of September. It is a time of giving thanks for the harvest and for all that God has done for us. This holiday doesn't fall on a specific day, but is simply done at some time in the fall as each church chooses. Church members bring items from their harvest to make a beautiful display.
The highlight of any thanksgiving service is the preaching. This is our Pastor Victor Constantinovich.
The adult choir added a rich quality to the service with a wonderful performance of several hymns.

A full house.

18 October 2010

Visa Application

Today we are in Cracow, Poland. This picture is a lovely door we stumbled upon after our arrival last night. Please pray for Jeff this week as he starts the visa process at the Ukrainian Embassy. Ukraine requires missionaries to leave the country to redo their visas so that is why we are here. Please also pray for divine appointments. Cracow is the nearest spot we can redo visas. As ever, we are grateful for your prayers.

Women's Conference 2010

Last year we had 50 women who attended this conference. Please pray for that and more. We have 56 spaces open for the weekend retreat this year. Please pray for the attendees and for Vicki, Tanya and myself, Coleen, as leaders of the retreat...that we may have wisdom as we minister.

10 October 2010

Great Last Day of Training

Jeff is grateful for your prayers. The Lord has answered and blessed the training with the men's interest and enthusiasm. Jeff also visited with one of the missionaries today out in the provinces and and was blessed to see God's work being done there. Thank you for the support that you are to us. The battle is strong and we could not do it without you.

08 October 2010

Yerevan, Armenia

Doors of Armenia

In Yerevan

Echmiadzin Door

Jeff expressed gratefulness for those who have prayed. His throat was better yesterday and he drank more water. He called it a great training day as the men are really starting to get a vision for how they can use these tools to grow their ministries. The whole seminar is about planning and yesterday they talked about a planned approach to leadership development and how to plan the discipleship process while avoiding potential dangers and set backs. Of course, that is all very abbreviated, but it gives you a small sense of what they are doing. Jeff is pleased with the men's enthusiasm. Please continue to pray for them.

Hope you like these beautiful Armenian doors taken in June 2010.

06 October 2010

Armenian Architecture and Training

Jeff and I were in Armenia this past June because the Armenian Theological Seminary awarded him an honorary doctorate for his years of work. It was my first time in Jeff's 10+ years of working there so he wanted to show me around. This is a bit of architecture in the central square of the capital city, Yerevan. I thought I'd show a few of these things we saw as I relay some of Jeff's reports from this weeks training.

I just spoke to him. He's tired and his voice is sore from talking all day, but he was pleased by the reception from the men. He said it was a good session and the brothers were "right with me." They discussed the essential principles of church planting and prayer planning. This included how to plan for a prayer retreat so that they might start to understand what "God's" vision is and what "He" wants for their ministry. Please pray for these men this week that the Lord would give them ears to hear. Pray for Jeff's focus, strength and health. We are ever grateful for your prayer support. It is always a battle (Jeff is being moved for the third time in the hotel).

04 October 2010

Training in Yerevan, Armenia

Armenian pastors and missionaries attending training this week. Pray for them and for Jeff in his role as trainer/teacher.

03 October 2010

Training in Yerevan, Armenia

As I write this, Jeff is spending his first night in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. Planes only fly in and out of there twice a week, on Sundays and Wednesdays, so Jeff has a couple study days before he starts his training on Wednesday morning. He will be working with pastors and missionaries who will come in from all over Armenia. Please be in prayer for Jeff in his preparation and for the men who will be attending this week. Jeff was trained by Dynamic Church Planters International in their new program and is excited to be passing it along. Check back this week as I update on the training.