06 October 2010

Armenian Architecture and Training

Jeff and I were in Armenia this past June because the Armenian Theological Seminary awarded him an honorary doctorate for his years of work. It was my first time in Jeff's 10+ years of working there so he wanted to show me around. This is a bit of architecture in the central square of the capital city, Yerevan. I thought I'd show a few of these things we saw as I relay some of Jeff's reports from this weeks training.

I just spoke to him. He's tired and his voice is sore from talking all day, but he was pleased by the reception from the men. He said it was a good session and the brothers were "right with me." They discussed the essential principles of church planting and prayer planning. This included how to plan for a prayer retreat so that they might start to understand what "God's" vision is and what "He" wants for their ministry. Please pray for these men this week that the Lord would give them ears to hear. Pray for Jeff's focus, strength and health. We are ever grateful for your prayer support. It is always a battle (Jeff is being moved for the third time in the hotel).


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