25 September 2011


Greetings from Kazreti, Georgia, where we are doing a medical mission with BMMI. Coleen and I do know that you pray for us, and this is never more appreciated than when I am far away from our home in Ukraine, and she remains there alone. After the first day of our clinic we have seen almost 50 patients and I have had the pleasure of leading 10 of them to accept Jesus Christ! Please continue praying for the next three days in the Georgian towns of Kazreti, Bolonisi, and Demonisi. God is greatly at work in the hearts of the beautiful Georgian people.
We really had a full day, with our morning services in Bolonisi and afternoon services in Kazreti. We enjoyed good fellowship with all the brothers and sisters of both churches. They were all full of smiles and Georgian warmth. Everywhere were ripened grapes hanging from trellises and fences. Between services we visited church members and their families who needed medical attention. After our last medical reception we went to Bro. Vepkho's place and enjoyed fellowship with his family. It was touching.

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