04 June 2013


 Last Sunday was the ending session of our Sunday school season.  The excitement of the kids was palpable as they anticipated the fun.
 Such a coquettish age.  Aren't they cute.  I couldn't resist showing you.
 And as you can see, we have very little ones too.   And sometimes tears....over a balloon.
 Each child got a gift bag of toys and Christian books.
 Cousins investigating what they each got.  This is Matthew, Dasha and Angelina.  I love doing crafts with all the kids, but this is my favorite group.
 Ending prayers and group picture below.  Please be in prayer for our upcoming kid's camp that will be held the 17th of June.  I'm already preparing crafts.  We shall do mini-albums with old CD disks as the base plus a variety of other crafts, one of which are decorating miniature gourds sent by friends in the U.S.  Thanks to those who send things.  I love doing crafts with the kids.  And they call this a job?

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