03 September 2009

Yerevan, Armenia Worship Seminar

This is Mount Ararat in winter. Jeff took this picture several years ago, but he said that even now it still has a lot of snow up there. A country in great poverty, but rich in beauty.
Khor Virab Temple
Y-10 stands for 10 pastors startig 10 churches in the capitol city of Yerevan. As you can see, there are always more than 10 as some bring along their disciples. Jeff is back row, second from left in purple shirt. He has been teaching the module on worship this week, but has been working with these men for a couple years now and they have a good close relationship. Tomorrow is the last meeting and he has asked for prayer. Then next week, in this same location, he will start another seminar with a different group on "The Meaning of the Gospel" and worship.

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