08 September 2009

Yerevan, Armenia Second Day of Seminar

Again, a great second day. I woke up barely rested, nursing my developing cold. No voice at all. Still, I knew the Lord would not be limited by my weaknesses! When I arrived at our location, I walked in the room, and found strength, spirit, joy in fellowship, and taught (conversationally/inductively) all day.

I am so grateful, but all that's just peanuts. God is revealing himself! It is awesome and I just don't have the words to express how glorious it is to gather with people who have a hunger to know and serve Jesus. Amazing! What a joy and what a privilege!

Now I'm back at the hotel, exhausted but happy, nursing my sore throat and getting ready to hit the sack. Tomorrow is culmination. After lunch I have the privilege of baptizing 3 believers, all saved about two years ago. For this we are driving out to a special location on a river. After the baptism we will have a time of worship together before we part.

This is a letter I received from Jeff. Please continue to hold him and the group up before the throne for the last day, tomorrow. Then, the following day, on Thursday he will fly back to Kiev where I will meet him and bring him home.

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