18 October 2009

Last week I wrote about "Another Kind of Ministry" when we went as a choir to sing in a distant church. It was their 120 year anniversary as a church and it was also the holiday called "Harvest Day." That is the day when they give thanks for the year's harvest along with everything the Lord has provided. Not so different from our Thanksgiving, though they do not have a set day and thus pastors do it anytime in September or October. The decorations in the church were so marvelous I had to share them with you. A holiday service is usually a long one. We sat for over three hours and 8 preachers. Usually our services are two hours and three preachers. We had a feast of a lunch afterward in only the style that Ukrainians can do. Again, much like Thanksgiving, but with much more variety. It was not a day to be on a diet and everyone enjoyed themselves.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these Harvest Sunday pictures! We just had Harvest Sunday here last week, so this was extra interesting to read and see! Your blog looks great!


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