26 June 2010

God's Great Creation

Just wanted to share some of the beauty of our yard. I am a gardener, artist, wife, mother, not in that particular order and I love to share the garden with my family and friends. So, in summer we try to do some outdoor eating and entertaining. We have always felt like our home was a gift from God and thus we enjoy sharing it with others as we can. Since we've gotten older it has become more to keep up with, but we feel we are here until God tells us where else to be, so we continue to do what we can. Hope you enjoy the sights.


  1. I love the Lilies Colleen! Thanks for sharing your photos....It reminds me of Oklahoma about 3 months ago! You guys are biologically/botanically about two months behind our area...I'll remember that if I decide to visit....Love you guys! Gregor S.

  2. very lovely blog and a great read, thank you for sharing,.love from glendas from sb


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