30 June 2010

Honarary Doctorate

On Saturday night Jeff and I were blessed with the honor of his being awarded an honorary doctorate for his many years of work in Armenia. It was also my first time since his work started in 1997 to visit this lovely country. He was also honored to be given the opportunity to speak to the seminary graduates and give them a charge of encouragement for their future. Jeff's was the only doctorate awarded. It was a lovely ceremony and one we will not soon forget. Our gratitude goes out to the Baptist Missionary Association of America for their part in making our work here possible. May the Lord use this for his honor and glory!


  1. Oh, yay! Congratulations on your doctorate!

  2. Thanks Jolene, it is a great honor for both of us, for which we hardly feel worthy, but God has his plan and purposes. To Him be the Glory and Honor.


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