21 February 2008

Some days on the mission field are about missions and some days are about working out the details of living. Today was one of those. Nothing happens fast or simply in Ukraine, but God uses these things to work on our character and for that we praise Him. Jeff went to the company who dug our well to find out why we still have poor water. While Jeff did that I was home with the plumbers who were taking care of the breakdowns that occurred while on furlough. Things are starting to work better Hallelujah!

Today Leah helped me organize scrapbook materials that arrived a few days ago. I must start making more examples for the classes I will be teaching. This evening Leah went to the leaders meeting for Yablonka. That is the name of a neighboring town where we have a church plant. It meets in a basement bomb shelter built in Soviet times. She works with youth girls on Saturdays there.

Our thanks to Ray and Becky Crawford of Carthage, Texas for how they so bless us along with Becky's Sunday school class for sending craft goodies. The children are so blessed and they have such joy in creating pretty things.

Thanks for your interest in coming here. God has taken good care of us and for that we praise Him. I hope to get some pictures on here in the future, but I have to figure out how to do that first.

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