12 December 2008

Day-to-Day Humdrum

Check email, answer letters, make calls, meet with missionaries, meet with church members in need of counseling, meet with small groups, go to choir, fix the car, work on the house, shovel the snow, do more email, answer more calls, meet with more people, etc., etc. etc. There is so much to our daily life that we don't write about because it just isn't interesting, yet like everyone, the daily humdrum makes up a very large part of our lives and is important.

Today Jeff is in the big city of Kyiv(yes, that is how Ukraine is now writing the city name). Jeff is doing the grocery shopping, stopping at the drug store and other errands all on his way to the travel agency. We've come to see that is often how it is on the mission field as the man is the one out running around so this is not uncommon among missionaries.

To get downtown he parks at Petrivka which is the outskirts of Kyiv and takes the subway. It is much faster than trying to fight the traffic. The main goal today is to get his plane ticket to the country of Georgia where he will meet with our missionaries and do some counseling and future planning. Then he will get home after dinner time and do .... you guessed it, check email and answer letters, etc. Life is always exciting, even in the ho-hum events.

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