25 March 2009

The Church in Nikolaevka, Crimea, Ukraine

Letter from Sergey, Pastor of the Baptist church in Nikolaevka,

I greet you, our dear brothers and sisters, with the love of our Lord Jesus Christ,

We are building a House of Prayer (church) in the village of Nikolaevka. In the village as well as in the outskirts live over 15 thousand people. The town is growing very quickly; many are building private homes along with rooms for vacationers as Nikolaevka is near the sea. The land here is very expensive because of the vacationers. We are expecting the population to surge in the future.

We were granted .61 acres of land (1/4 hectare) in the very center of town, which for the church is a great blessing because we have had to migrate from one rental space to another over the past 15 years. Our church can now have its own building. Moreover, in the summer many people visit our worship service who have come from other cities and even other countries. These are tourists, who come here for vacation. Christians in some countries are experiencing persecution, but here, thanks to the Lord, they can come to worship without fear of repression. Sometimes visitors have been saved in our services and returned to their homeland. What a blessing that we can share the good news about our Lord in this way!

Many barriers have arisen to keep us from starting our building project, but the strong arm of God was with us. We began with only our own hands, each member taking part in the building. Now we have built our fence, laid the foundation of the building, and are presently building the Sunday school rooms and utility buildings. Our worship hall has been designed to seat 150 people. Although we have done a great deal ourselves, we need help from outside.

If the Lord has so disposed you, we ask you to participate in helping us build our House of Prayer.

And God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, may have an abundance for every good work. (2 Cor 9:8)

With love,
Pastor Sergey and the brothers and sisters of the Baptist Church in Nikolaevka

If you so desire to participate in this move of God then you may send donations to:
Jeff Franks Workfund, Nikolaevka
Baptist Missionary Assn.
P.O. Box 30910
Little Rock, Ark. 72260

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