09 February 2010

Heat in Bethany Church

The good news is that our heating has been funded for the furnace at the church. The new furnace will be more efficient and less costly. The bad news is that it can't be done until spring. Right now we are heating with wood and coal and while it doesn't do what gas does in the church, there is some warmth from it. Yes, we are still wearing our coats and hats through the service (and I wear my gloves), but to install the furnace now would mean a lengthy time of no heat whatsoever and besides the comfort issue, there would be the danger of busting pipes and the impossibility for workers to do installation under such conditions. That said, we are happy we will be getting heat and we understand the Lord has a time of testing for us to go through the winter with little heat. Unfortunately, attendance has gone way down, but we expect it will pick up again when the weather moderates. Praise God with us in this answer to prayer. Our next project will be replacing the drafty old wood windows so things will be more efficient. Maybe your Sunday school class would consider replacing one window. To Him be the glory and honor.

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