05 May 2010

Spring Unfolding

Hyacinths have just finished and tulips are in full bloom. We also have vinca, primroses and pansies (some I planted and some volunteer). Each year at this time I have such a wonderful sensation of God's playfulness and love as all the new variations of His creation show themselves in all their pride and glory. We are so grateful for the home God has given us here and try to share the beauty of this garden with others. It is a little bittersweet at times since we know that one day we will be leaving it behind after so many years of working on it. Nonetheless, we know Who is in control of the timing and plans so we rest in Him and will trust Him for his future plans for our lives.


  1. Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I am following you! I found you through the swap bot I want more blogger followers swap. I am sorry it took me so long, but I was confused and missed some of the people I was supposed to follow!

  2. No problem Lynn, just glad to have you. You might want to look at our crafty/family blog as well: http://vintageterracce2.blogspot.com/


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