12 August 2010

The Eastern Country of Georgia, part 2

Classes are going well. Jeff and the men are excited. These pastors are seeing possibilities and getting a new sense of vision. God is at work. Below is a short note Jeff sent this evening. Please continue to pray for Jeff and the men.

On the way back from Bakuriani we stopped in the village of Kvemochala, which is a stone's throw from the S. Ossetian border. Driving in, two border guards checked our papers. We had a good service and then they fed us a big village meal. Now it is 11 pm and we went to Anatoly's sister's place for Internet. It is very hot here and I am feeling like I got some food poisoning in the village. Headache and queezy right now. I tried calling you on Skype but you were not on line. I will try one more time, but I have to quit very soon. Miss you, and maybe I can find Internet tomorrow, but don't expect that. Thanks for your prayers. Pray I will feel better soon.

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  1. I hope you are well now. Saying a prayer for you. Put your blog link in Links at CPA Yahoo Group!


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