18 September 2010

A Prayer for your Encouragement

It is from Powerful Prayers For Your Family(previously released as Praying the Bible With Your Family)
I personalized the prayer for me, now put your name in where mine is....

Lord, Thank You that You are "the living bread that came down from heaven"(John
You came down to me , Coleen from heaven to give me life. You said," If
anyone eats of this bread,he will
live forever"(John 6:51) Today I want to fill my heart and quench my
thirsty spirit with your living water(7:38). I want the food You offer
because it never spoils(6:27).Today may every
snack and drink and meal and dessert remind me of how much I also need to
feed my spirit.Make me hungrier for You, God! Help me to never forget that I
can't live on bread alone,
but that I also need to live on every word You tell us(Matthew 4:4) Amen

"Teach me Thy way ,O Lord , I will walk in Your truth ; Unite my heart to
fear Your name ,I will praise You ,O Lord my God , with all my heart , and I
will glorify Your name forevermore ."Psalm 86:11-12

Above photo by Jeff Franks in our back yard.

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