18 November 2010


Our first craft was the ladies making angel banners. Ukrainians are so creative and they turned out beautiful.
I led the ladies in creating prayer journals that would also function as a witness tool
Individual counseling went on all weekend
1950's fashion, the girls had such fun
Saturday night fashion show with Tanya Sokolovska, our teacher/speaker in the center
Potato dance, we laughed to the point of tears.
Hat contest winners. They all made them.
Praise and worship
Prayer Stations

All gathered together on our last day for a last group shot. Bittersweet parting.


  1. Coleen, your ladies retreat sounds like it was a roaring success. I know it was a fun time as well as a spiritual one.

  2. good cool. ukraine is a place i have yet to visit.

  3. Hello,
    Love the hats!!! I am over from swap-bot ladycregga is my name. Since you have two blogs I will follow on both!

  4. Looks like you had a lovely time, I particularly liked the 50's fashion and awesome hats, they seem like a very creative and lovely bunch of ladies :)
    arkaya ~ swapbot


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