07 December 2010

Summer Activities

Here's a letter written by one of our Baptist Missionary Association supported missionaries. I'm sure you will praise God with us in what this young couple are doing for the Lord in Ukraine.

Hello Dear Friends,

The summer has passed and I would like to share with you the blessings God has granted us.

We did many different projects this summer. The camp for the disabled during 5 days in June, there were approximately 50 disabled young people with their parents. It was a very interesting and important time in their lives.

July– the camp for teenage non-believers in the Carpathian Mountains (Ukraine).

July – football championship for teenagers in which 8 teams participated (approximately 50 boys non-believers). This championship was timed with the World Cup and then we organized an evangelical concert where the winners were awarded. We have taken the contacts of all those kids and now we want to invite them to our teen club and to keep in touch so that we could bring them to Jesus.

And also we had the bicycle project from 2nd to 12th of August throughout Kherson region (Ukraine). This was a very interesting time. Our team consisted of 37 people from Ukraine,4 from the USA, 2 from Canada, and 1 Nigerian. We rode 500 km on our bicycles, visited 9 cities and evangelized on central squares in each of those cities. Hundreds of people got Christian literature and the Gospel message. We explained the Gospel individually to more than 500 people. 50 of them repented and invited Jesus into their hearts.

We are planning a family conference in our church for the couples of non-believers and the couples from our church.

Our church is doing ok now. It is growing gradually. We have stepped into not such an easy period where we have started the construction of our church. We have started the excavation and we want to make a basement before winter comes.

Thank you for your participation and support of our ministry.

Volodya Ponomorov

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  1. Hi Coleen, nice to hear from you. I have been neglecting blogging to a degree since we are attempting to downsize and do a move this month! Good to read some of your updates, may God bless your work and may his presence be felt.


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