02 March 2011

A Ukrainian in Texas

On January 6th we came from Ukraine to Little Rock, Arkansas, the home of our mission base, to do furlough. That is a time of visiting in churches across the U.S. and talking about our work. No, it is not a time of vacation as many think, but it is a time when we do get to catch up with friends and family.
Nick (on the right) is one of our Ukrainian pastors and a good friend who came with us to America to speak in some of the churches. He was with us for a couple weeks. Here he is getting a taste of Texas with our good friends Stan and Doris Allen of Gilmer.
If it's Texas you know there are guns and hats. This was so fun for Nick who pastors a small church of 58 members on the northwest side of Kiev in Ukraine. He runs a great river camp ministry in the summers for which we would like to invite more church groups to come and participate in a week long camp with Ukrainian youth. It's a week of bible study, sports, swimming in the river, a raft trip and just lots of fun.


  1. Wow some change being in Texas--I wonder if you get culture shock being back!

  2. Yes, sometimes with some things. The TV sometimes is shocking and the music that is allowed on the radio. And sometimes there are changes to things that are a surprise to us....like, for example, how much Spanish is now widespread in offices and stores, just to name one.


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