07 May 2011


UPDATE ON VERONICA: A week ago Sunday Veronica, age 12, fell from 3rd story level in the church breaking her hip and severing her spinal cord. As of today, Veronica is out of IC and in a hospital room. She is talking with family & friends. She has not been told the doctors' prognosis that she will never walk again. I think you know how to pray. I'm hoping to go see her tomorrow. Seems she and I need to start a scrapbooking project.


  1. Thanks for the update, will continue in prayer. How sweet of you to scrapbook with her. I know the Father will bless your time together.

  2. Coleen, I am sorry I didn't check in last week. I will pray for Veronica. I think the scrapbook project is an excellent idea. I had loads of scrapbooks from about age 10 through college. Nowadays scrapbooks are so much more artful. She will enjoy having you with her and what a blessing this will be for both of you.


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