16 June 2011


On May 1st 12 year old Veronica fell from a third story height severing her spine and breaking her elbow. It could have been much worse, but she landed on a person below. After a long surgery and over a month in the hospital she has finally been released. Sadly, there is still no feeling in her legs and she is still flat on her back in the bed. At least now she is near friends and church members who can visit and minister to her. There are plans for her to go to a special clinic in eastern Ukraine next month. Please continue to pray for this young girl and I would be so grateful for the joy it gives her if you would send a post card from your state or country.
Veronica c/o C. Franks
8a Pushkinska
Bucha, Kyiv ob. 08293

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  1. I'm happy to learn that Veronica is able to leave the hospital. I will pray for her to recover the feeling in her legs. Sometimes that happens. Also, we know that nothing is impossible with God.


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