25 August 2011


In June of this year I was able to accompany Jeff on one of his trips. In 17 years I've rarely gone on any of his trips because we had children at home and for reason of the extra cost. Besides, I like being at home in my art studio and I have an active ministry here. In our 8 days in Israel we were able to tour for a couple days and we got a lot in. This shot is overlooking the city of Tel Aviv and the Mediterranean Sea.

A beautiful church. So much great architecture. This is Tel Aviv.

Church steeple and some pretty amazing vegetation in Tel Aviv.

Church of the Nativity looking heavenward. So much beautiful architecture.

Overlooking Israel from our hotel in Bethlehem. Notice the water tanks on the roof below. It was a very desert-like place.

Dynamic Church Planters Internations (DCPI) group shot. A wonderful native meal.

Stained glass window in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem.

Colleen (Centeio) and Coleen (Franks) doing the tourist thing in Israel. Colleen came from California. For us it was only 3 hours from Ukraine. Not an expensive flight and no jet-lag. Yay!

Bethlehem in the evening taken from our third floor hotel balcony.

Two steeples, one Islamic in the foreground and one Christian down the road behind. They are located in the Bethlehem not far from where we stayed.


  1. Beautiful sights. Glad you were able to make the trip.


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