03 November 2011


For some in Ukraine this is the only mode of transportation. I snapped this in September on our road just across the street from our home. I always think it is quaint when I see a horse and wagon, but I am also reminded of how difficult the life is here for many. In 17 years in Ukraine we see less and less of these wagons, but it does not mean life has gotten easier. Their's is a life of toil and difficulties. All the more reason for the need of hope, the need of understanding a future in heaven. It is why we are here. We thank God that He has given us a small part to play in spreading the Hope of his Word to the nations.

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  1. It is quaint, Coleen. So different from what we are used to seeing here, isn't it? Not having all the trappings of this world could possibly be a blessing in a lot of ways. Someone said, "When God is all we have, we find that's all we need." Blessings!


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