16 March 2012


For a number of years now our church has engaged in the western tradition of baby showers. Several years back when I was first invited to these showers I saw that each lady would write out their congratulations on a piece of paper. Then they would go around the room speaking these and eventually give the pieces of paper to the expectant mom as a keepsake. It didn't take me long to realize those little flimsy pieces of paper would end up in the back of a drawer and eventually be thrown out. So, what you see below is an example of the little keepsake I make for each one now. Mind you I am not a "scrapbooker," but I am preserving a memory for these ladies. Just another one of the fun ministry things I do.

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful idea, Coleen. Really keepsakes. Hope all is going well with you. Have a blessed week.


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