02 October 2012


This was a very interesting post a fellow American missionary in Ukraine posted on Facebook recently.  It speaks about the past of this former Soviet country and the way some still think today:
"Spent time listening to a government official explaining how "community" has fallen apart in Ukraine. Under Soviet days, everyone was watched out for and kept in various forms of community. There were workers unions, the Communist Party, Consomols Party (teenage Communist Party) and Pioneers (grade school equivalent of Boy Scouts). Everyone fit into a part of the community that created the Soviet Union. Today, with no parties or unions, people are left to themselves, lonely, hopeless and generally drunk. With no party or club to tell them what to believe in, there is nothing that unites the people."
When you hear such things it helps me to understand how badly this nation still needs to know Christ.  Pray for us as we minister here.

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