19 November 2012

A.J. Jacobs: My Year of Living Biblically

As Christians we so often have our attitudes on how to witness to unbelievers.  Sometimes we are trained in this through the church and often we are not. Unfortunately we so often come across with Biblical lingo and ways of talking that the unsaved person simply cannot relate to or understand, much less find purchase in.  Too often, because we don't know how to reach someone we tell them to read the Bible.  Sometimes we give them a specific book to read, but if there is not something that touches them deep inside, even that may not go very far.  Thus is the value of developing ongoing deep relationships with such people so we can gradually bring them along into a love relationship that is characterized by Christ himself.

I'm posting this "Ted Talk" because it was a good reminder of how so many unbelievers think.  It helped me to be reminded in how to relate and not relate to them.  Here is a man who "Lived Biblically" for one year.....a grand experiment for him.  I shake my head to think one could indulge so deeply and not know Christ, yet, it illuminates the need to build relationships with such people.  When you shake your head and want to turn it off (as I almost did), don't.  This is how so many think and it is important for us to understand them so we can bring them to Christ and his love.

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