14 December 2012


More Muslims are coming to Christ today than from any other religious background. Two weeks ago I led a Bible conference in Istanbul with 26 people from a closed access country.  Twenty two were believers in Jesus Christ, all from Muslim backgrounds. Of the 22 three were UN refugees because of persecution from authorities. 4 participants were Muslims who wanted to know the Bible and were attracted by the message of Christ. One of them, a young mother, gave her heart to Jesus Christ and asked for baptism. We need to pray for Muslims, and find ways to reaching them with the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ, who died for every last one of them.  Please let us know that you are praying.  It would bless our hearts.

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  1. Hi Coleen, that is great news! I heard that Muslims were converting because Jesus would show Himself in their dreams. Nice to know you! A blessed Christmas to you and your loved ones. May you have the choicest gifts of the season- love, joy, hope and peace beyond understanding. Patsy from


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