14 January 2013


Just thought you might like a glimpse into life where we are.  On December 3rd I returned from a month in California.  It was the first snow that started that day and continued for two weeks.

Here we have our local "quick stop," two of them.  You buy standing outside, but they are heated inside (sometimes).  On the left kiosk, notice the dog laying up against the building.  Lots of street dogs here.

This is the local cultural center for the town of Vorzel which is not far from us.  I like the old architecture.  Notice on the front lawn to the right is a small wooden hut where they later put baby Jesus and his manger.  I liked that.

This is the local fruit/vegetable stand and bus stop.  That's what it says with the vertical letters.  This one you can go inside.

Jeff and I laughed about this sign.  It says car wash.  This is a one-way bridge under the railroad tracks.

Right next to the railroad tracks is where vendors come to catch the passengers in hopes of selling.  This is a meat truck with people lined up and a few hopeful street dogs.  People here are good to help feed the dogs that live out loose.

My favorite picture shows the family blankets out airing in the cold winter air.  So many things we take for granted in America are not always easy here....like laundry, for example.

Children love the holidays that have just finished this week here in Ukraine.  As you can see the snow is still coming down.  It's gotten so deep that some roofs have caved in.  We are praying that our garage roof, which is not a high slant, will hold.  Some get up and shovel theirs off.  We are afraid to do that.  Would appreciate your prayers with us.

The road home through the villages is very slick, but we are blessed with a 4-wheel drive so it's not a problem for us.  Though much time is spent indoors in this season, small group training still goes on as well as ministry to children and ladies.  Thanks to all who hold us up in prayer.


  1. Thanks for taking us on a tour of your area. You've gotten a lot of snow, but I guess that is fairly normal for where you are. Praying your roof will hold throughout the winter. The people are very kind to take care of the street dogs.

  2. Thanks for going along on the tour, Pattie. So happy to have you.


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