30 March 2013


In the late 80's I was enrolled in a discipleship group called Master Life, focused
on being a committed disciple of Jesus. Having renewed my devotion to Jesus, I
especially wanted to serve him in Russia, since daily I had been reading about Josh
MacDowell's ministry to orphans in Moscow and the reports were exciting. Not only
that, but I had studied Russian and had developed some fluency. I was "chomping at
the bit" to go to the former Soviet mission field.

But one day during my quiet time a verse pierced me like a well-aimed arrow: "Wisdom
is in the sight of him who has understanding, but the eyes of a fool are on the ends of
the earth." (Prov. 17:24) Jesus was saying, "Quit all your vain imaginings that you will
do great things for me in a far away land. Come follow me right where you are. Right
here where I am Wisdom in your sight. Be my disciple here in your local church and in
your neighborhood."

I heard his call loud and clear. I followed him. Five years later, when I was truly
enjoying my ministry in our church's Sunday school, leading discipleship small groups,
and doing street evangelism, the Lord cracked open a door for a short term mission
trip to Crimea, Ukraine.    It ended up our family moved to Ukraine two years later.  That
was nearly 21 years ago and we are still here.

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