18 March 2014


 We had such a nice time last month.  It was before all the worries of the current situation in Ukraine.  People were still smiling and war was not the topic of every conversation.  Here the men are about to run and find candy for their wives.  The white head in the middle (green sweater) is my Jeff.
 We had a nice dinner and lots of goodies and games.

 With speakers talking about family values.  Always a good topic for couples.
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A nice turnout for a holiday that has not been a Ukrainian holiday, but as the world becomes more global such things spread around.    A good excuse for a nice time. 

Please be in prayer for Ukraine now as we face the possibility of invasion by Russian troops.  Everyone is concerned about losing their freedoms and taking a step back in time to an old Soviet culture of fear and control.  God knows all these things and I know he has a plan.  It just may include war.  Pray.

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