17 April 2014


I travel about 45 minutes to our northwest where I do a monthly class with some ladies.  As you can see we don't have a big space to work in this tiny church, but that does not stop them from creating lovely things.

This is Oxana and Vika, mother and daughter.  Vika is a school teacher.  These two always do such lovely creations.

Of course, Vika's little dog Archie had to be part of everything.

Natasha always does pretty work.  She was an orphan growing up.

Though they are not often with us, these two youngsters are Natasha's children, Ivanka and David.  I've been giving them clothes because they don't have a lot.  A young girl needs some nice things.

Thank you to those of you who send pretties and supplies.  I couldn't do this without you.  These were Easter cards that the ladies will give to the elderly in homes.  So your blessing of supplies will bless others for Christ.  Despite the threat of war with Russia, we try to continue life as normal.  Pray for peace please.


  1. Beautiful cards that your class has made! Maintaining a normal life is important for the young people.

  2. Oh how can I sent some supplies?


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