08 April 2008

Little Church in the Village

A few weeks ago Leah asked me to accompany her to the church in Nova Zelesya where she has started a craft ministry. This is a tiny church in a tiny village. On the way in through the village we started praying for the church, the children, the ministry and the village. Leah said there could be just a couple kids or even up to 12. There is an orphanage in this village, but the teachers don't always want to bring the children to the church. Services started with two little girls. I always told Leah it didn't matter how many you had, work with what God gives you. Just before time to excuse the children for Sunday school in comes the orphanage group.

I enjoyed watching the Sunday school class. They did games, Bible story and crafts. The orphans are rather rowdy with no mom or dad to discipline them, but they all had a good time and went home with a craft that would be a reminder of Jesus.

Easter in Ukraine will be the last Sunday of April. Pray for this small church and the young pastor who leads it. He wants to see it grow and Leah has been helping with the children's ministry for over a month now. She is excited about helping a small church to grow. Lord bless.

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