20 April 2008

Sacrifice of Love

A special thanks to the Women's Missionary Auxiliary (WMA) of Bethel Baptist Church in Cabot, Arkansas for their generous gathering of materials for a new ministry direction I have undertaken. In southern Ukraine on the 28th and 29th of April, then again May 3rd, I will do three separate seminars entitled "Heritage of Faith." These are for ladies to document their walk of faith through pictures, photographs, and story. They will be creating a scrapbook album that will be a witness of the steps along the path of Christian growth. It will be something they can show their unbelieving friends that will help them understand their faith. You see, in this culture, when friends get together, they often bring out the photo album to help break the ice. We have seen many photo albums when we have gone to visit in homes. So now I am helping people to make albums they can use to witness and will be a legacy for their children to understand their mothers Christian journey.
Thank you WMA of Bethel for your support in this. May the Lord bless you for your giving.

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