26 May 2008


In July Jeff will travel to Armenia to work with the "Yerevan 10." That means the ten missionaries that were selected to start new churches in the capital of Armenia which is Yerevan. He has already done several trainings with these men and the Lord blesses each time with a further bonding of friendship. Jeff is a gifted teacher and has a good way of drawing men into the whole training process so that he is not simply lecturing.

On the heels of that training, still in Yerevan, Jeff will meet with the missionaries from the underground churches of a nearby "no-access country." He has been training with these dear folks for some years now and this is their only formal training, to come out of this country into Armenia where Jeff teaches a different book of the Bible each time. This time it will be from Romans.

When Jeff is home he has many of the typical responsibilities of any pastor. He is considered the #2 pastor in the church so he preaches each Sunday plus he leads various groups and counsels. The phone and door bell are often ringing when Jeff is home. So, I ask that you will please pray for Jeff in the next weeks as he studies and prepares for what God would have him bring to the two groups in Armenia.

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