12 May 2008

Heritage of Faith Scrapbooks

Not long ago I had the privilege of leading three different groups of ladies in a process of documenting their faith. These books are an expression of one's faith and a testimony for family and future generations. The great grandchildren will see pictures of you, but how will they know what you believed if you do not write it down. What an opportunity to influence future generations. We all had a great time putting in the pictures and writing about what led to salvation, their baptism, who influenced them, how they pray, their church and its various events, etc. I even had a wonderful group of deaf ladies who did this. Thank you to all of you who have supported this ministry. I have been so blessed to see the response. All three classes want me to return in the fall to do another class. I suggested a scrapbook on "things we are grateful for" or a prayer journal/scrapbook. All glory and honor to Him who gives us grace.

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